Visualization for Business Success

The use of visualization to change a person's mental programming is one of the greatest discoveries of the last few hundred years. Now that's a big statement, so we need to see just what it means and what it means to you. Do not take this article lightly. It just might be the most important thing you read on your journey to becoming successful in business and in the rest of your life.


Before we continue, let me explain my use of the word "programming." Basically what I'm talking about is the huge storehouse of memories of your past experiences sitting in your subconscious mind, usually in the form of visual images. So, when you see a statement saying your subconscious was programmed, it means that a bunch of neural patterns and memories or images of experiences got "stuffed" into your head. It's easier to just say "programming."

Subconscious Programming

The previous article, Business Success, introduced the idea of your subconscious or inner mind. Your subconscious mind has been programmed without your knowing it since you were an infant. You make your daily decisions based on your inner programming; much like a computer accomplishes tasks based on its stored programming. Much of your programming has been negative but you can fix that through visualization techniques.

Things you experienced, things you heard, saw and felt as a child made visual impressions on your mind, created your programming and helped to create your belief system. Your mind is still being programmed today without your knowledge. Before we show you how to use visualization techniques, we want to show you what needs fixing and why.

Much of your early programming was not intentional. For example, things your parents said to each other, especially during arguments, helped set your attitudes about women, men and their roles in life. Also, when your father said you were stupid, because you spilled the milk; that stuck with you also. You began to believe that and may have slowed you down a bit in school. Then when you heard your teacher mention to your parents or the principal that you were slow, that reinforced things. That affected your grades and you self image throughout your school career and your later life. Notice the term, "self image." Image is another word for visualization.

Who is Programming Your Subconscious?

Basically, you tend to believe more of what you hear from people who are authority figures. Obviously you believe your parents and teachers, because they are authority figures to you. But did you realize that your subconscious also takes in and believes politicians and television personalities. It even believes the television actors who tell you to buy products because this is flu season or allergy season or this beer tastes great and so on. These are visualization and auditory programming techniques that are used against us without our knowledge.

Yes, friends, our subconscious minds are programmed by all those experiences, but it gets worse. Look at the car and beer commercials, for example. Why do you think they use sexy looking men and women? Because they want you to believe you'll be like those people. Not really on a conscious level, but those visual and auditory images program your subconscious. If they could, they would strengthen the programming by adding smells (perfume?) and touch.

How Does All this Affect Me?

All of those people use visualization and auditory techniques to program our subconscious mind so we will behave in the ways that they want. Sometimes it is for our own good. For example, they show anti-smoking movies in school with people's tar stained, diseased lungs. That is an example of visualization programming that is good. It may not be 100% effective, but it does work. I'm sure you can come up with other examples yourself.

But, what about the other side? How much good do you really get from being told to get ready to get sick? I have news for you. Some medical researchers believe that up to 90% of medical problems are psychosomatic. That means that sicknesses like cancer, colds, flu, male impotency, PMS and a whole lot more are caused, or helped along, by our minds; minds that have been programmed to expect these things by TV commercials.

The politicians spend billions of dollars to convince you that they need to be in office for your good. In fact, 0bama is looking for $1 Billion for the upcoming election to buy television, radio and print ads to program you some more.

Tell me, do you think you would need to be here at if the politicians had done what they said they would do about jobs and education? Okay, enough politics.

Let's Get Personal

We've just begun to scratch the surface here, but these are external things. What's really important is how the programming has directly affected you in a negative way. Without going into more boring details, let's look at areas that negative programming might have harmed you.

  • Childhood pranks and teasing could have led to shyness, anti-social behavior or even stuttering.
  • Your mother might have said to you something like, "You'll never amount to anything, just like your father."

These and other things contributed to your current self image. Your self image decides whether you can do something. How many times have you said something like: "I'm not good at math," or "I don't like to dance," or "I'm just cut out to be fat?" Friends, that is just your subconscious telling you to say that.

Your Self Image Partnership

Your conscious and subconscious minds work as partners to create your self image. Your conscious hears or sees certain information; your subconscious takes that information, and gives it to your imagination to change it into useful pictures that go into your self image definition file. Your self image then controls who you are and how you live your life. For example, maybe you are at a party and want to walk over and introduce yourself to an interesting looking person. But, you suddenly develop a case of butterflies in your stomach. You decide that the other person won't like you, so you drop the idea.

On the other hand, your subconscious mind might not stop you from starting a worthwhile project, but might later sabotage you or pull the rug out from under you. Have you ever started a project and stopped in the middle, never to return to it? Have you ever started to do really well in the stock market, only to lose all your money later on? Again, it's your negative programming.

All of this and more happens to millions of people. There are millions of unfinished inventions, millions of unfinished books and thousands of once-successful investors who are now broke.

And one more thing; there are many thousands of people who have started small businesses that have gone nowhere with the businesses. We are here to change that for you.

Can I Fix My Programming?

Yes! As we mentioned above, you can certainly change your programming. And, when you change your subconscious programming you will change your chances for success.

How Can I Change My Programming?

You change your self image programming the same way it was done in the first place; one experience at a time. However, there is one big difference. Instead of letting other people's comments program you, you will use your imagination to program yourself. You will create artificial or synthetic experiences for yourself.

In case you are thinking that this might be too complicated, don't worry. This will turn out to be very easy and even quite a bit of fun. Plus, it will help you to become successful at the things that are most important in your life.

Your imagination is the most important creative tool you have and the subconscious mind works best through your imagination. Your imagination takes words and ideas and turns them into pictures or visualizations. This visualization process is the key to reprogramming your own subconscious mind.

Let's make it simple

To get through to your subconscious to program it, you simply use positive visualizations from your imagination. Here is how you can do it:

  • Set aside a 30 minute period each day.
  • Find a quiet place where you won't be disturbed.
  • Sit, relax and be comfortable.
  • Close your eyes and start to use your imagination. One good starting exercise is to mentally name each of the eight colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown and black), while you visualize an object with that color (red apple… blue Volvo etc.).
  • Now, imagine yourself looking at a movie screen, with a movie of you, as you want to be. Create and visualize this movie showing you being successful at situations you want in your life – business, romance, and losing weight – whatever you want. Be sure to notice details of these situations.
  • Don't try to visualize too many things in a session. Instead, imagine vivid details about a situation; imagine smells, sounds and feelings.
  • Remember, this is not about today's "reality." This is about what you would like to happen.

If you perform this exercise faithfully for 21 days, you are certain to see some big changes in your outlook and in your life.

The success you achieve in your business is no accident. You need to work on your business, but more importantly, you need to work on your self.

The science behind this article was discovered over 250 years ago in Europe. It gets discovered and then it gets forgotten. Then it gets rediscovered and improved upon by someone else. If you want to learn about the latest, most powerful techniques for improving your life through visualization, read about The Wealth Trigger

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