Business Fear

Many people today suffer from what we call, "business fear." If you are one of these people, rest assured; you are not alone. Hundreds of thousands of people all around you feel uncomfortable about the idea of starting or running their own businesses.

There could be two main reasons for business fear. One is lack of information. The other is too much wrong information. That is, either you have never been taught about business by schools or people around you, or someone has been filling your head with wrong ideas about business.

Lack of Information

We often expect to get information from two sources – school or our surroundings.

Schools today don't teach courses on small business. That's because school teachers and administrators don't know anything about small business; or, as my stepson once said when he was in sixth grade, "School teachers aren't much more than glorified babysitters, are they?" I had to agree with him.

In earlier times, small businesses seemed to be more common, or at least more visible. It seemed that everyone knew somebody who was a small business person. For example, my parents owned a small grocery store; my sixth grade teacher sold encyclopedias during summer vacation; we all ran down to the corner candy store or the neighborhood hardware store. Much of that has changed. There are still small businesses, but they are usually in strip malls, small industrial parks or other out of the way places.

Wrong Information

Today it seems that politicians and their cohorts in the media are more interested in furthering the cause of unions or in making people more dependent on government handouts. This makes it easier for politicians to get guaranteed blocks of votes.

Today's politicians encourage business fear by demonizing business people. They may refer to them as greedy billionaires who rob from the poor. They talk about business people who fly around in private jets. If you pay attention, you'll see that it is the politicians who fly around the world on your tax dollars.

In truth, small independent business people risk their own time and money to create businesses that create jobs for everyone else. And many of these small business people started in business by creating small home businesses. They overcame business fear in their own homes.

How can I Overcome Business Fear?

One great way to overcome business fear is to look at small business a bit differently. Call it something else. For example, how do you feel about making some extra cash, or extra spending money? That sounds more comfortable, doesn't it?

There are thousands of ways to make extra spending money every day. People all around you are doing it. How? It's simple. People all around you are doing it every day.

First make a list of things you know how to do. Then pick a few that other people can't always do for themselves. Here are a few examples:

  • Sewing dresses for children
  • Doing clothing alterations
  • Setting up a home computer or removing computer viruses
  • Planning a special child's birthday party
  • Do grocery shopping or other errands for people who can’t do it themselves, either shut in or to busy with their jobs.
  • Cooking special meals
  • Help people sell some of their things on eBay or Craig's List for a percentage of the sale

Those are just a few of hundreds of things that people would pay to have done for them or would pay you to teach them. They would pay you the extra cash you are looking for. This is happening all around you every day, and is being done by people just like you. No business; no business fear, right?

Big Business Fear Secret

You can turn any one of these extra cash ideas into a small home business if you want to. That's right. The differences between an extra cash activity and a small business are:

  1. What you call it
  2. How much time and effort you put into it

Now feel free to read any of the pages on this site, knowing that you don't have to start a home business; you can just use this information to make extra cash.

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