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This page of home business ideas is meant to stimulate your own ideas. By following the success examples of others, you can duplicate their successes.

Motivation and Knowledge

When unemployment rears its ugly head and people can't find jobs, people have always been able to create businesses to pull themselves out of debt and beat any recession. Starting a home business isn’t rocket science. Sometimes it's hard to come up with home business ideas, but anyone can start a small business. All it takes is motivation and a bit of knowledge. In the end, your own home business ideas are the only ones that count.


Take this message to heart. No matter how many home business ideas you have, or how good they are, they are all worthless if you don’t do something about them. You must take action to be successful. Don’t put it off. You can read and study forever and you won’t get anywhere. Just get started. If after a week or a month you decide that you really wish you had started something different, then you can change. Remember, you are the boss.

Simple is Good

In most cases, the simplest business is also the most profitable. The best businesses often don’t require that you buy special tools or any products to get started. You just learn about the business and jump in, learning more and getting better as you go along. Remember, as you read about these home business ideas, you will be trying to come up with your own list of home business ideas.

Excess Capacity

One example is you can easily start a business by marketing someone else’s excess capacity. Now what do I mean by that? Simply this; most businesses have enough resources – like people and equipment – to do more business than they are already doing. They are always looking for more business, especially in this economy. If you can bring profitable business to them, they are willing to make it worth your while. Now, using that information, what kind of small business can you add to your own list of home business ideas?

Let's look at a few entrepreneurs and how they created their own businesses using someone else's excess capacity.

One man I knew created a very profitable delivery business for himself, by picking up and delivering laundry and dry cleaning. This happened during the 1930's, when the United States was in the middle of a serious depression. People were lucky if they could find a job making a dollar a day. This man was making $200 a day – equivalent to over $5000 a week in today's money; extra business for the dry cleaner and a profitable business for the delivery guy. This exact plan might not work so well today because of the price of gas, but it might help add to your home business ideas.

Another entrepreneur sold coupon books for dry cleaners in small towns in the mid-west. He would contract with a cleaner in a town to accept the coupons, good for various discounts – the cleaner could always use the extra business. Then, using his hotel phone and a phone book, he would call just about everyone in town and sell the coupon books he just printed up. He delivered the books, collected the money and moved to the next town. When I last spoke with him, he was making about two thousand dollars a week.

It just happens that both relate to the same industry, dry cleaning, but the idea works in many other industries also. Take a look around your town. I'm sure you'll see cleaners, restaurants and print shops and other businesses that need extra business. If you are in a large city, this can be you home based business; you just keep working different businesses and different parts of town each week.

You can run this business from your home with just a telephone. Just design a couple of sample coupon books, find a contract form that fits, either from an attorney or from a stationary store or online. Then find a printer who will work with you; he’ll even help you design you coupon books. Does this expand your list of home business ideas?

As you know, gasoline prices might make these ideas look a bit impractical. However, a good entrepreneur will use a bit of imagination and figure out that some of these ideas can be modified to use the internet. For example, print shops now work from camera ready PDF files or other computer files from the internet. They then ship by Fedex or UPS.

Really Simple

A man I know has a one-man business washing cars. He washes cars in a nursing home’s parking lot. He got permission to use a back corner of the lot, brings a tank of water on a small trailer, brings a portable pressure washer and car cleaning stuff (rags, brushes, soap, polish, etc.) and provides that service for employees and people who visit friends and relatives. They leave their car while they work or visit and it’s clean when they get back. His service is convenient and not too expensive.

Do Something Now

It's amazing how you can build a recession-beating, home based business with just an idea and a bit of business knowledge. Hopefully these home business ideas will help you come up with your own home business ideas and you will choose one or two and take immediate action.

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