My Perfect Home Business

If I could design the prefect home business for myself, what would it be?

The Wish List

Since money is tight right now, my perfect home business wouldn’t require a lot of up-front business financing.

My perfect home business would be started and allow me to work from home part-time until it makes enough money to support me.

I would like a small business that is easy to start, combining knowledge I already have, with certain additional knowledge to get started; then I could learn more as I went along.

  • My home business should be able to grow as I got better at it.
  • My home business would be able to fund its own growth.
  • My perfect home business would be able to be run from any place I decide to travel, even to the sea shore or around the world.
  • My home business would have the potential to make big bucks.
  • My home business would be able to be run without any employees or government interference.
  • My home business would have no risks other than the few bucks I used to get it started; no inventory to spoil or go out of date or out of style.
  • My home business would allow me to take time off, or even run itself while I’m on vacation.
  • My perfect home business would be fun and interesting and enable me to learn and grow.
  • If I were a work at home mom, my perfect home business would be great for work at home moms.

While I’m dreaming of this perfect home business, I don’t want to worry about getting paid and I don’t want to deal directly with customers. I would like to have money coming in from people I don’t even have to talk to.

That’s a pretty nice wish list. It’s too bad there aren’t any businesses that meet those requirements. Or are there?

The Answer

Well, to tell the truth, there is a business that meets the requirements of my perfect home business; sell books online. Now, there are a couple of ways to sell books (including ebooks) online. You can do only one of them, or you can make more money by combining the two together. What are these businesses? They are information publishing and information marketing. You can sell books online that you have published, or you can sell books online that someone else has published, or you can publish and sell.

With your home based business in information publishing and marketing, you will have many options open to you. For example, you can:

  • Write books, reports and courses on your favorite subjects, like fishing, hunting, photography, cooking, or any other subject that you enjoy and want to share with others.
  • Write books, reports and courses on needed subjects that you know about, like child raising, home repair or plumbing.
  • Edit and publish books, reports and courses on subjects that people you pay write for you, under your name.
  • Market the above mentioned books, reports and courses using the internet or other home based methods.
  • Market other people’s books, reports and courses as a marketing affiliate.

Does this seem like it could be your perfect home business, too?

Now, you may have heard many horror stories about writers who could never get their books published. Forget all about those stories; they don’t apply to you. You can write these books, reports or courses if you wish, but the important thing is you become the publisher (or the marketer). You can write (or hire someone to ghostwrite for you), publish and market your own products, or you can merely market someone else’s information products; or do both.

We suggest that you start out by marketing someone else’s products first. That way you can get your feet wet and begin making money from your business faster. Once you get that business going, you can expand into your writing and publishing business. However, the faster you get your own products going, the faster you will begin making the real money.

By the way, Jim Edwards and Joe Vitale are the best in the business when it comes to showing you how to make money by writing. Take a look at what they can show you by clicking here.

Show Me the Money

"Fine," you say, “But how does the money come in? How do I turn this perfect home business into a profitable business?”

Well, to start, you need a marketing plan. To be successful, your marketing efforts need to be planned and you need to have a repeatable marketing system in place. Now this doesn’t have to be complicated – actually it needs to be simple so you can do it over and over.

In addition to selling books online, there are two other great ways to market your information products. They are:

  • Direct Response Marketing
  • Free Publicity Strategies

Direct Response Marketing has made untold Billions of dollars for marketers over the years. Because of the glamour and popularity of the internet, this method doesn’t get the publicity it did in the past. As a result, there is less competition and easier money to be made here today. For more information on direct marketing, read this special report on Direct Marketing Strategies. Click for the report.

You - The Expert

Your home based information publishing and marketing business has many more exciting benefits that we haven’t even begun to touch. For example, by writing your own books, you automatically become an author and an expert on one or more subjects. This will open the door for you to be a guest speaker at meetings and on radio and television.

Have you ever noticed how many authors are interviewed on morning and afternoon radio talk shows? There are hundreds of these radio shows all over the country, looking for thousands of interesting authors and experts to help fill their time slots. You can be interviewed from your home while still in your pajamas. You don’t get paid, but you do get to plug your book and tell people how to buy your book. You can easily sell fifty or a hundred books or courses a day or more this way. At $20 or $30 a book, or $99 for a course, you can make a nice living this way.

Where to Start?

For someone just starting out, I recommend the following steps:

  1. Find your niche market or niche (See Find a Niche)
  2. Create a business plan (for now, a statement of your plan – this list will work for now)
  3. Do your keyword research using Google or Solo Build It.
  4. Set up your website ( See Recommended Resources) .
  5. Create your own products or services to sell, OR
  6. Set up an account at ClickBank and find other people's products to sell that relate to your niche.

As you digest these ideas in your mind, you will realize that you need more information. You will find that information in different articles on this site and at other sites that we link to.

Now that you know about my perfect home business, maybe it's time to work on your perfect home business.

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